Educator Workshops

"I like how the workshop is designed to work in so many ways. The information can help you personally and professionally. You stop and think about yourself and then how you can use this information to help others. Lots of great stuff!"

— April Johnson, Counselor, Willamina High School, OR


The purpose of the Choosing a Good Road Workshop is to give middle & high school educators the tools they need to help students succeed in high school and be ready for college and career.


The Choosing a Good Road Workshop for middle & high school teachers, counselors and administrators, is an active learning experience that offers proven strategies in learner effectiveness. Educators learn the tools required to dramatically increase high school completion rates and college/career readiness. Workshop strategies are drawn from the work of leading researchers in multiple fields of learner effectiveness.

Educators acquire best practices in:

  • Classroom Management Skills & Designing/Facilitating Learner-Centered Education
  • Brain-Based Research & Multiple Learning Skills
  • Learner Motivation, Academic Goal Setting, Autonomous Learning & Achievement
  • Emotional Effectiveness, Leadership Strategies & Organization & Efficiency Practices
  • Effectiveness Skills to Empower Students to Make Better Choices as Learners
  • Communication Skills, Revising Limiting Beliefs, & Improving Self Efficacy
  • Promoting Critical & Creative Thinking & Using Problem-Based Learning


Educators leave the workshop knowing what it takes for their students to become peak performers in high school (and become college/career ready). They will learn how to support students in making more effective choices, giving students the tools they need to succeed.

The intended workshop result is to give educators the tools to increase student retention, graduation and college enrollment rates. It also provides tools for educators to prepare students for the workplace and to promote deeper and more long-lasting student learning.

You are facilitating what you are trying to get across to others. I realized how much we covered in the workshop when I started writing down all the new tools.

— Chris Daniels, Principal, Amity High School, OR

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