Here's what some educators have to say about the workshop and student textbook.

"The text is great! The focus on myelin and the notion that the brain can be "trained" and behaviors/skills can be enhanced through practice is the most crucial part of the text. "Ideas in Action" offers students a chance to dissect decisions made by others. The writing style, pace, vocabulary and organization are all spot-on. "

— Dan Seder, Principal, Bay Middle College, MI

"If your goal is increasing academic resiliency, students' ability to effectively deal with setback, stress or pressure in the academic setting, then I have found no better single source of material or text more effective than Jonathan Brennan's Choosing a Good Road. As a Gateway to College resource specialist, national school turnaround consultant and former middle and high school principal, I have focused on how to build perseverance and resiliency, and foster a positive belief system for those who have struggled, felt disenfranchised and are at risk of giving up. Choosing a Good Road is a power resource in shifting students' mindsets from "why try" to "how to," thus empowering them. This book changes how students look at themselves, their level of control and the possibilities available to them, thus creating a mindset of "I can" and giving them the specific tools to do so. I recommend Choosing a Good Road to others who want to effectively address the needs of under-resourced learners."

Philip Trejo, National School Turnaround Consultant, Director of Faculty Professional Development and Gateway to College Instructor, Pueblo, CO

" This is a fantastic new textbook. It is truly inspiring and motivating and provides a meaningful experience for teachers and students to share, a great fit for an advisory program! The text is engaging and strong, highlighted by the "See the Value of Failures" section, and the steps for writing a life purpose statement were so clear. The book is packed with relevant quotes, interesting "Cool Facts," opportunities to write and reflect, and an effective incorporation of cartoons, comics, and sketches. I'm a big fan of the "Never Give Up!" sections. "

— Gaby DiMuro, Humanities Teacher, The Girls' Middle School, CA

"You are facilitating what you are trying to get across to others. I realized how much we covered in the workshop when I started writing down all the new tools. "

— Chris Daniels, Principal, Amity High School, OR

"Dr. Brennan has amassed a dynamic tool chest of learning modalities for students in middle school and beyond. The broad spectrum of examples and exercises allows students the opportunity to explore different learning styles and achieve individual success. The book is filled with vivid visual aids, thought-provoking questions and numerous methods that each student can use to comprehend and express themselves. Choosing a Good Road is inclusive and lively. I am definitely inspired by the techniques derived from it and I look forward to sharing them with my students. Excellent book! "

— Rosetta Saunders, Middle School History Teacher, Menlo School, CA

"Jonathan Brennan brings so much heart, knowledge and experience through this engaging book! What a gift it is to students and teachers, providing an interactive opportunity to learn life skills that have immediate application and lasting value. Jonathan teaches skills even many adults never learn - or don't learn until much later in life, often when they're finally motivated by the pain of failure. This book promises to impart practical skills that not only guarantee greater success in the classroom, but in life. It delivers, in a fun and memorable way! Long after other textbook facts have faded, the skills and wisdom in this book will live on in each student. "

— Don Fergusson, former President, RustOleum Corporation

"Choosing a Good Road is a comprehensive guide for learning. It combines elements of science, language arts, history, diversity, creativity and sports in a format that will excite students and motivate teachers. The creative and innovative teacher will be able to adapt each lesson to almost any grade level. "

— Dr. Lee Mahon, Professor, Fielding Graduate University & Santa Clara University, CA (former teacher and administrator, K-12)

"Jonathan Brennan's book, Choosing A Good Road, will truly benefit students enrolled in Upward Bound programs. The knowledge and strategies outlined in this hands-on book will assist first generation college bound students with a skill set of tools that will enhance their college preparation. As a former Upward Bound Counselor at San Jose State University...I only wish this book was available for my students. Choosing A Good Road is a book designed to motivate and provide students with a path to college and beyond."

— Donnelle McGee, Counselor, Mission College, CA

"We have so many students who really have no idea how to set goals, identify their personal talents and interests, and chart a life course. This is a wonderful tool to help them do this. The text is very user friendly, readable with good practice exercises throughout. I really like the "Park the Judge" component—especially valuable for upper middle school students and those with self image problems.The peer pressure section is excellent and teaching students to use "I" statements is extremely valuable. There's a good lead up to problem solving and the critical thinking section uses practical, real life examples, and contemporary situations."

— Marcia Slater, retired Teacher, Principal, & Superintendent, Kent School District, WA

"I like how the workshop is designed to work in so many ways. The information can help you personally and professionally. You stop and think about yourself and then how you can use this information to help others. Lots of great stuff! "

— April Johnson, Counselor, Willamina High School, OR

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