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This is a collection of links to VIDEOCLIPS, APPS, STORIES, SONGS, ACTIVITIES and RESEARCH. If you've got a new idea to add to the collection, email me at

  • STORY: Jeremy Lin the latest NBA star: the hardest working player at Harvard
  • VIDEOCLIP: Nick has no arms and no legs but does not give up!
  • APP (Free) The app allows offline access to the dictionary and thesaurus from
  • SONG: Stand by Me. This shows the power of working together.
  • ACTIVITY: Are you ready for college? Check out this site and try out your skills.
  • RESEARCH: How is your brain different than (or the same as) a computer?
  • STORY: Graduate from college when you're eleven years old! How did he do it? Hard work!
  • VIDEOCLIP: Impossible is Nothing Video Is any goal actually an impossible goal?
  • APP: (Free) Wikipanion. This app gives you access to easily search online encyclopedia, Wikipedia.
  • SONG: Who Will I be? Demi Lovato knows there are so many roads to choose from in life...
  • ACTIVITY: Build your own brain cell.
  • VIDEOCLIP: Procrastination is...watching this video instead of studying.
  • SONG: Never Turn Back. Rockers Crush 40 sing about moving forward.
  • VIDEOCLIP: How bad do you want it? Success and Motivation.
  • APP: ($4.95) Mental Case Online study flashcards with text, images, and audio.
  • ACTIVITY: What do brain scientists do when they're bored? Make brain jokes.

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